If you are suffering from calf muscle soreness or cramps in your calves during long runs, brick sessions or during races, the solution may be as easy as drinking more water before and during the run.

Removing the fact that there may also be other issues causing this problem such as a weak core, poor running technique, incorrect shoes, etc. However the main focus of this article will be water intake.

One day I found myself discussing some problems I was having with my massage therapist. I explained to her that I thought I was on the edge on getting injured. The problem I was having was that I found myself walking home after 90 minutes of running due to my calves feeling like they were on fire. She instantly asked how much water I was drinking before and during the run and advised me to increase my water intake.

I took her advice on board and as soon as I started to drink more, the problem disappeared.

A friend of mine was complaining to me that he kept on getting cramps in his calves during races. He explained to me that he had seen physiotherapist, nutritionist, podiatrist to help fix the problem and no one was able to help. As soon as I asked about the amount of water he was consuming during the bike, something instantly clicked. His next race, he won his age group without any cramping problems.

If you do find you still struggle with these problems, really look closely at the amount of water you are consuming. Be careful not to go overboard with the fluids, as always, test in training during your long runs and race simulation brick sessions.

Tim Egge



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