Icing an injury for triathletes

I completed a small course recently on icing injuries.  I took a number of things away from this course that can benefit not only athletes but everyone in general.Everyone should keep in their freezers at home and in the workplace one or two cups filled with water. The best cups to use are paper cups but any cup will do. Even if you are in good health, having a cup with a giant ice block on hand is good insurance.


1) Remove the ice from the cup and place a cloth around one end of it to protect your hand.

2) Start slowly rubbing the ice over the area for between 10 to 15 minutes. For maximum benefits, place the ice directly on the skin. Don’t continue over 15 minutes as it can course tissue damage.

3) The area should go numb.

4) Place the ice back into the cup and back in freezer ready for next use.

5) Reapply same method every 60 to 90minutes.

The ice will not stick to your skin as you are continuously moving the ice all over the area, the ice will start to melt quickly so place a towel under the area.

Seek treatment if needed by qualified personnel

Tim Egge



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