There are three different categories of stress that can hinder an athlete’s performance.  Physical, Emotional and Chemical.  It is worth recommending for you to write down all their stresses throughout a normal week and request a coach, sports psychologist or someone with good sound judgment to give suggestions on how to remove or decrease cretin stresses from your life.


Stress can cause a decrease in performance, motivation and can ultimately lead to an injury.  Even if the athlete experienced some form of stress a week prior and they no longer feel stress, they can still have a delayed reaction to what they were feeling a week or a month ago.

We don’t instantly remove stress from our life.  Stress has a knack of hanging around and popping its head up and throwing a spanner in the works at the worst possible time.

Examples of stress can be:


• Wrong shoes

• Sitting down all day at work

• Toothache

• Cold and flue

• Over trained

• Not recovered from past workouts

• Imbalanced training program

• Incorrect bike fit


• Family issues

• Continually thinking of past issues

• Career problems

• Phones and emails

• Depression

• Driving in traffic


• Junk food

• Soft drink

• Alcohol

• Medication

This may take you over a week to complete and send back to someone.  You may not have or can find all the answers but you should be able to unearth and overcome a number of stresses in your life, and this will have a direct impact on your performance, both in training and in racing.

Tim Egge


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