3 things to improve swimming

There are three simple things you can do in training that will help improve your swimming during training and in a race.  It really doesn’t take a lot to implement these and the impact can be great.

1. Torpedo Kickoff – When kicking off the wall and at the start of each lap, bring your shoulders back and up like you want to bring your shoulder blades closer to each other. Do this into a torpedo position. This will help your freestyle swim stroke flexibility and strength.

2. At the start of each set, count the first 20 swim strokes.  This helps focus during the swim and you can revert this back to race day.  At the start of a race, you start with 200 swim strokes.  Counting the first 200 swim strokes helps get you through the worst part of the swim and into a good position. Sounds strange but this works.

3. Bilateral breathing.  Even if you only swim from the one side in a race, please, please use bilateral breathing in training.  It helps keep you injury free and if worst comes to worst in a race, you may need to swim from the left side for part of the swim and in other parts breathing only from the right.

These all sound simple things to master in training and if done consistently, will pay dividends.  Give it six swim sessions and it will become a habit.

If you have any questions on swimming or would like to know more about Train Smooth coaching, please email me tim@trainsmooth.com

Tim Egge


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