Bilateral Breathing

Can you swim and breathe bilateral?  The amount of triathletes that will simply tell me “they can’t” cause they have tried it once or twice, found it difficult or uncomfortable and called it quits on the idea.
Are you equipped to swim a race where the water is choppy forcing you to breath from one side?  Are you breathing efficiently the same from both side?
A great warm up that you can do that will help your bilateral breathing or if you need to breath from your weaker side is.
25m breathing from the left, 25m breathing from the right, 50m breathing bilateral.  Repeat this 4 times with no rest.
You can do this once a week as part of your warm up.
If you traditionally breathe from the one side, chances are it is effecting your kick and that means body position in the water as well so this will also help with this.  This can also have a dotted line to effecting your run performance.
If you are an athlete who doesn’t bilateral breath, starting off doing this set but resting every 25m.  Do only this set and within six swim sessions, it will become natural.Stick with it as it isn’t just your swim you are improving, it is your race time you are aiming to shrink.
Tim Egge
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