Get your shit together

This has become a fascination of mine in the past year or so.  People who simply wont get their shit together so they can get the most out of life.  I see it everyday and everywhere I go. People making the same mistakes everyday, wasting time, money and energy and the one that drives me completely crazy is the ones who want to waste my time cause they have broken systems.I have stated countless times when I see people wasting mine, other peoples and their own time “how long do we live for? 180-190 years? why are you wasting what little time we have on earth looking for keys. hitting the snooze button in the morning so you now are running late, leave it to the last minute to fill your car with petrol, etc, etc. Whats in it for you not to get your shit together?

This world is filled with people with a whole lot of nothing that wants to fill your life with a whole lot of nothing.  Please don’t be one of these people. Create good habits and build good systems to help streamline your life so you can really crush 2015.  To do this, you will need to firstly learn to have incredible strict control over your time.  Most triathletes are really good at planing their training program but fall short when it comes to the rest of their life.

Everything you own, needs it’s own designated place where it stays.  You use it once, it gets put directly back to the correct location.  How many years over your life do you want to be searching for your Garmin, car keys, TV remote…… You will not only need to coach yourself up, but you will also need to coach everybody you live with up so everyone shares the same systems.

I have blogged a lot in the past about using programs like Evernote.  This is a free program that you can get the app for your phone and tablets as well as on your computer.  This is an amazing tool to help you remember, plan and simplify your life.

Google Calendar is another amazing free program where you can have the app on your phone, tablet and computer and give yourself real control of your time.

Tim Egge


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