Holidays without a bike

We all love a holiday if our bikes can take the trip with us.  For a lot of us, we are the only ones in the family that feels our bikes should be packed before the kids.  So what is something you can do when on holidays without a bike that will help?

Keep in mind that you will most likely lose bike fitness no matter what you do, how much you lose will depend on a lot of things.  Here are some ideas.
1. Accommodation with a gym – This is a little no brainier.  The first things most of us ask when looking for places to stay “does it have a gym? second thing you ask is “are there spin bikes in the gym” and third is “how big is the pool” and you follow all this up with “I know it is a family holiday……. I was just checking that’s all”.
2. Stairs are king – If possible, find a place that has floors of stairs.  You can walk or run only using every second stair like you are mimicking a cycling peddle movement.  I was taught this by Joe Friel. Sounded strange at first till I ran some tests. It works and works well.
If you are luck enough to have flights of stairs and a gym, you can combined the two to get a real bang for your buck and get back to spending quality time with the family or back to work if you are on a work trip.
Start off with a session like this and you can chop and change this to fit in with you and your time frame, goals, etc.
One hour session
Warm up: 20min of stair running with missing every second stairs.
Jump onto the bike and go into 3x 5min MAX effort with high cadence, 5min easy spin,

Cool down with 10min easy spin.


Tim Egge



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