Improve your swim cadence

Most age group triathletes really struggle with swim cadence.  At any triathlon race you watch, over half the field has a cadence that is by far too slow for what they should be doing.  We will take away swim technique for now and just concentrate on cadence for this blog.
There are many ways to improve your swim cadence.  Some coaches work on using a metronome where you set and the goal is for your hand to enter the water every time the metronome beeps. These just connect to your swim cap or goggles.  This is a very good and effective way to help with swim cadence as long as the swim set you are doing is also targeting high cadence.  There are also other benefits from using a metronome as well.
I once had a person teach me all about swim cadence and I ended up naming a swim session I give to some of my athletes after him.  My athletes know this session as “Turner’s Cadence”.
Warm Up
  • 200m pull, 200m kick,
Main Set: 
  • 25m MAX with 20sec rest,
  • 50m MAX with 40sec rest,
  • 75m MAX with 1min rest.

Cool down: 

  • 200m kick, 200m free.

You do the main set for around 20-30min.  The reason why this works so well is the large amounts of rest time between each short max effort set.

This is a great session to do in the off season.  If you really need to improve your swim cadence, do this every swim session for four weeks and see the improvements. For the athletes in tri season, doing this swim session once a week should be fine.

Tim Egge


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