Looking for extra time?

By far the most common comment said to me is “I don’t know how you find the time to train for an Ironman”.  Part of it comes down to good time management, another part comes down to having an understanding and supportive family but the major factor comes down to cutting out all the fluff in your life.

I am currently reading “The Four Hour Work Week” and there are so many good ideas and tips within this book not only from a business point of view but for triathletes who are looking to control there time so they are able to train without it effecting their work and family life.

A lot of the suggestions in the book I already do but I see the majority of people not doing.


  • Remove social media from your phone and only check it once or twice a day on a computer and give yourself no longer than five minutes at a time to catch up on how everybody is wasting their lives.  Whilst we are talking about the phone, remove all games and if your work life can allow it, remove email and keep it on silence.  My phone is always on silence unless I am expecting a phone call. Why have a phone?  I wouldn’t have a phone except I cycle mostly on my own and normally in the middle of nowhere so I like to have it on me for that just in case moment.
  • Turn the TV off.  How many years will the average person spend sitting in front of a TV?  We only have the one TV at my place and I will very rarely watch it.  I cancelled Foxtel a few months ago so I have really limited the options for myself as well as the family.  What once was always on, now is on only a couple of hours a week between us all.
  • Chuck your Xbox, Play Station, etc in the bin.  No good comes from playing games.  You are rotting away playing a game…….

I bet if you take a step back and really look at everything you do, and cut away all the fluff, you could find so much extra time.  Don’t just cut the fluff in your life out and say I have found an extra eight hours a week. With each thing, think of what you can replace it with that will enhance your life.  Can you spend more time with your kids?  Can you take a longer lunch break at work and go to the pool? Whatever it is, cutting it and replacing it with something productive will not only benefit you, but your family and work will also receive the benefits.

Tim Egge



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