Open Water Training

Following on from last Monday’s blog about open water swim skills performed in the pool, I thought I would touch on open water training.  So often I see triathletes when they are doing an open water swim, they will walk into the water and start swimming and swimming and swimming.  There is no purposes to this session apart from clocking up some miles in the open water.

Clocking up miles in open water is good if that’s what you are after in training but there are other ways to really get a band for your buck when it comes to open water training with the limited training time like so many of us have.
Training for beach starts, deep water starts, swimming around buoys, including some max efforts, exiting the water are some aspects that should be part of your open water training session.
This is a good open water swim session you can use  once a fortnight in triathlon season that will have a impacted to your race.
Open Water Swim Session (3.25 km)
Warm Up (750 m)
3 x 250m Freestyle – Out and back 3 times. Practice beach starts.
Don’t push the pace on these; focus on technique, breathing and sighting.
Main Set
2000 meters (Practice sighting every 6-10 strokes).
Block 1 (1000m) 2 x 500m
Swim out 250m around a bouy and back to the start. Race pace.
30 Seconds to 1 mins rest in-between each set.
Repeat 2 times
Block 2 (1000m) 4 x 250m
Swim out 250 m at race pace, full speed.
30 Seconds to 1 mins rest in-between each set
Swim back at race pace, full speed.
Repeat 4 times.
Cool Down (500 m)
Swim out to the bouy and back at 50-75% nice and controlled to
flush out the lactate and cool down.
If you have any questions on open water swimming or would like to know more Train Smooth coaching, please email me
Tim Egge
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