Technique, strength and Speed

We are told over and over that swimming is all technique, technique, technique. It is all about technique. Your technique cannot be good enough. The problem with this is that people say it enough, it becomes gospel.

We are triathletes, we are not competitive pool lap swimmers aiming to make the state or national swim team. We swim in the open water. Yes technique is very important however you can get to the point with perfecting your technique versus the time spent isn’t going to be the greatest value of your time. If you have got six plus hours a week you can donate to your swimming than I may be advise you differently however most age group triathlete struggle to find more than ten hours a week to train in all swim, bike, run, core combined.

This isn’t just my opinion, this is shard with a large number of top level coaches including Brett Sutton.

So what should you do?

Get your swim stroke good enough for you. We are all different so not everyone can have the same swim stroke. Focus on improving your technique to the point where it just about right THEN focus on speed and strength in the water. Once a month get some video footage done of your swim and keep an eye on it but don’t spend hours a week on it.3

Waterproof cameras have become very cheep these days and while the quality may not be of a GOPRO, it is good enough to look at your swim stroke and look for improvements. If you are not shore, please feel free to send the video to me and I will give you my thoughts on your swim.

If you have any questions about swim technique or would like to send me a video of your swim stroke and I will give some feedback too, please email me

Tim Egge


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