Three Levels of Consistency

To me personally, there are three levels of consistency that the majority of triathletes fall under with their training.  We all talk about consistency but how many are “Extremely consistent”?Not Consistent

These people can train with a pattern and often believe what they are doing is consistent but when you lay out their past training year, there are massing gaps, easy months and looks far from consistent.


This is where most elite age groupers and a number pros are, things look consistent but when you dig a little deeper, these athletes will put in a hard week or two and then have a really easy week or more and off they go again on repeat mode.

Yes they are getting good results and often their training volume is higher and more intense then the “Extremely Consistent”  group of athletes.

Extremely Consistent 

These are my favourite group of athletes, These people just do what it takes.  Absolute work horses. They are extremely consistent with their training, nutrition and recovery. Week in, week out, month in, month out, year in, year out.

A lot of the time, the athletes from the “Consistent” group would look at these athletes and think their training program is a little easier at a glance. Until they start training with them and realize that after the first week, there is no give, the program they are training too is “Extremely Consistent”.

Deciding you are going to become extremely consistent in training isn’t as easy as it sounds, it can take months to get the program right and sort out all the teething problems life generally throws at you.  But the bigger problem with this is the actual program.  Most programs that I have seen falls under the “consistent” banner.  Sometimes you need to do less in training so you can develop this and in other cases you will need to increase your training.  Getting the blend right is like a cake mix.


Tim Egge


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