Training For Your First Ironman Triathlon

I did a level three first aid refresher course recently and was reminded of the KISS acronym. “Keep It Simple Stupid”.  This works really well for first aid and can also crossover to triathlon successfully.  This is more important when training for your first Ironman.

It is easy to get off track, follow different paths on the road to this big day.  Lets not make it as complicated as it needs to be.  The stable diet to have a good first Ironman comes from doing these four things each and every week.
  • 4km aerobic swim
  • 6 hour ride (staying in the aero position)
  • 2 hour long run
  • A brick session
Yes you will need to do other sessions throughout the week but as long as you have these four ingredients, you will finish your first Ironman.
Ideally you should build to this level approximately six months out from your goal race.  Don’t jump right into training these long sessions, you must slowly increase volume each week.
A safe rule of thumb for increasing volume on these long training sessions are:
Swim 500m each week.
Bike: 30min each week
Run: 10min each week
Assessing where you are right now, calculating a plan so when you reach six months from your Ironman, you can do your weekly training load safely.
If you keep it simple and use this as a quick guide, you will finish your Ironman most likely stronger than most other first timers and in a lot of cases, stronger than the athletes who have raced multiple Ironman.
Tim Egge
If you have any questions on the process or would like to know about the Train Smooth coaching, please email

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