Comes from within

Have you ever listened to all the interviews in the lead up to the Ironman World Championships? Every year, there are really only four or five athletes who truly believe they can win this race. More times than not it is one of these athletes who have the belief system that they can win the big race in Hawaii, that actually do win.

In their head they know they are the best in the world, they have done everything required in training to place themselves in the best possible shape needed to win, and no matter the number, or caliber of the field they are lining up against, they will win.

Even though the pro division is filled with world class athletes who have raced and won multiple Ironman distance races, have clocked some amazing splits, have beaten stacked fields in past events, and who could and should be genuine contenders for the race, do not truly believe they have what it takes to win Kona. In their interviews they are talking about top ten, top five, podium, the demands, the challenges achieved in order just to qualify, yet nothing, or very little about winning.

Your belief system is by far the most potent and powerful tool you posses.

When my son was five years old, he kept bragging to me and to anyone who would listen about how he is the fastest runner in his class at school. After a few weeks of him talking himself up, I asked does he think he is the fastest five year old in the world. He answered “probably not the world” and I very quickly snapped back “Why? Who deserves to beat you?” He thought for a few seconds and answered “well no one” and I snapped back again “That’s right! No one deserves to beat you as long as you have done everything right. You train right, you recover right, you eat right, you have your mindset right, you do all the little things right, NO ONE deserves to beat you.”

Over the next couple of months I witness his mindset change from “being the fastest kid in his class” to “being one of the fastest kids in the world” through to “being a world champion.”

My son is now eight years old and in his mind, he is truly the best in the world and five minutes with him, will have you believe that he will be a world champion and all he is doing now is waiting to be old enough to get what belongs to him.

It is one thing making goals, telling everyone on social media about the goals but unless you truly believe and really buy into your goal, the odds will be stacked against you.

Use the power of self-belief to crush your goals.


Tim Egge

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