What is the best cadence for a triathlete?

Question from Mike:
What cadence would you recommend for triathletes?

The short answer is your natural cadence however there has been a lot of debate about what cadence is best.

On one side a higher cadence of 90-100 RPM like you will see most cyclists and pro triathletes use has shown a lot of evidence that it is more efficient and on the other side of the debate a low cadence of 70-80RPM has also shown a lot of results with some very good points.

I will give you an example. I use to ride with a cadence of around 100RPM, I was told by a very good coach that I was riding like a cyclist and not a triathlete. Unless I am whiling to do more miles each week, I need to lower my cadence.

I did some tests at a lower cadence and found I was riding much stronger with around 250km per week of riding with a cadence of around 75RPM. I rode like this for around two years till recently when I increased my cadence to around 90RPM, I notice a massive improvements with my efficiency when riding at sweet sport and threshold.

It is easy to go down a rabbit hole reading all the studies and looking at different data however I would say if your natural cadence is somewhere between 80 to 100RPM, I wouldn’t touch it. If your cadence is higher than 95 or lower than 80, I would maybe look at doing a few tests at different RPM numbers. This is best done in the off season and record everything so you can measure and track what works and what doesn’t.

Tim Egge


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