What should my off season look like?

Question from Stacey:

I have now started the off-season and was wondering what should my off-season look like?


Being a loaded question in the fact that that every athlete is different, so I’ll do my best to give you some ideas and some suggestions.

If you were going into the off-season aerobically fit, it would make more sense to work on increasing your VO2 max ceiling so in short this means cutting the volume and increasing the intensity.

On the flip side if you’re going into the off-season lacking some aerobic fitness then it would make more sense to drop a lot of the intensity and add volume and build that aerobic base.

The off-season is also good to work on weaknesses however depending on your weakness and the goals you have will depend greatly on if that time is worth the investment. Sometimes it’s best to forget your weakness and triple down on your strengths. For example if you’re swim is your weakness and you really need to take 10 minutes off your swim time, than that’s going to be an incredible investment of time and effort working on technique, speed and power in the water. That time could be best spent working on your bike and run as the gains could be far greater.

I would also recommend that the off-season is a good time to focus on strength as well, whether that’s being in the gym two or three times a week or doing your strength work at home.

No matter what direction you take with your off-season training, the main focus still needs to be consistency and staying healthy so when you start to build towards your first race of the season, you are in a good position to crush the season.


Tim Egge

If you have any questions please email me tim@trainsmooth.com

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