What does your average training week look like?

I have cut up questions I have asked pro triathletes from an old media website I use to have.  Each week I will post a new question.  



My training doesn’t necessarily follow the same pattern week in week out but I generally train between 25-35 hours a week which includes swim, bike, run and gym work.


Elly Frank
My week is a combination of social sessions and key sessions. I am very aware of perceived effort- My easy is very easy, while my hard sessions I like to really push. I mix it up so it’s not the same every week. I aim to have a solid swim and a social swim. I do a long ride, a social ride with friends, and a solid ride either road or WT and a brick session. I really believe in wind trainer sessions to work on my threshold level for 70.3’s and Ironmans. I also do a long run, threshold runs or track, and the social runs where I’m chatting with friends.



I would say 20hours in average over the full year. I also tend to do much more quality know as I get older with 32 ( – :



I do 6-7 swim session a week covering about 20-25km. 4-5 of these are with a swim squad under coaches Brendan Capell & Zane King. I’m on the bike 6 times a week. This includes one long ride, one hilly ride and one tempo/TT session. About 500-600km is my weekly mileage. I run 6 days a week, including a faster than race pace session, a threshold session and a long run. Plus some easier runs and brick sessions. I will run about 70km/week. Jared (my partner) and I work out my training program with regards to the bike and run.



Some swimming, running and cycling. 😉 Hahaha… I would say that my training weeks are fairly common, no real secrets or crazy workouts. Consistency is the main theme. So on average my weeks usually contain 5-6 swims, 5-7 run sessions, and 4 to 5 cycling sessions. I am a member of the Triathlon Squad under Paulo Sousa (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Triathlon-Squad/183206021698840) and we have month long training camps in different locales around the US throughout the year. During those camps training picks up a little, but not so much different than the rest of the year.



My training has changed dramatically since the birth of my baby Benji in July 2011. Before that I was doing around 30-35 hr per week. Now I am doing around 20 hr per week with some big weeks of 24 hrs. I am more focused in training and every time I go out I have a specific goal of what I am trying to achieve. I coach myself and am flexible and work around my little boys needs. If I don’t get a lot of sleep some weeks I change what I am doing. I don’t get nearly the amount of sleep I used to get and am still breast feeding so it is important for me to be flexible with my training in order to stay healthy and have the energy levels required to make the most of the training I do. It is working for me. I am feeling fitter than ever and am beating all my previous times.



Leading up to ironman a good week would involve 20-25h 3-4 swims (8-12km) 4-5rides (350-500km) 5-6 runs (70-90km).



Swim 20-30 bike 600-1000 run 80-120


Matty White

Due to working full time as a fire fighter my weeks change depending on the work. Sometimes we might have a busy night at work (saving cats, babies and old ladies from burning infernos!) So my next day’s training will be modified accordingly. While I was in the US on leave my training was about 120km running, 5-600km bike and about 15-20km swimming. I try to maintain these distances weekly with a rest day mixed in.



Average week includes about: 5-6 sessions in each discipline, 2 x body maintenance sessions including: Gym strength/Core/Yoga/Stretching. (24-32hrs total)
Every 4 weeks I include a lower volume week.



It really depends on the season, during the winter im doing upto 36/40h a week. In the summer il put in more intensity so obviously its not possible to do that massive milage but i am still up at 32/33h a week if im not racing. At the moment in january im running 70 miles a week, riding 300 miles a week and swimming about 15miles a week



I average about 35 hours per week of training. During the winter I try to do higher run mileage and in the summer I do a lot more bike miles.



Between 30-35 hours of trainings. In terms of totals, it’s about 15-20km of swimming, 500-600km of cycling and 70-90km or running. All of this is mostly aerobic work and not too much intensity. Over the years I’ve learned to back off intensity because it kills my longevity throughout the season. I’m also doing 2 pilates sessions for core strength and to promote good biomechanics throughout all three legs.



I swim four mornings a week. from endurance sets too threshold sets (which are not my favourites)

Bike, in winter I do lots of FTP work on my computrainer. Based in the UK It was a struggle to get long rides in. Now it’s summer I have a long ride on a Tuesday. I ride 2.5easy then meet up with chaingang which is another 2.5 at a real solid tempo. Saturday I ride from 4hrs up to 6.5hrs all above IM pace.

Wednesday I ride 2hrs tempo with a runoff, Wednesday night I ride 2hrs real easy.
Run, I run 5 times a week. One long run 2/2.5hrs with changing of pace in the middle. it can involve 10k pace, HIM pace, then back tp IM pace. I have a double run day on a Monday, 1hr easy then 1hr of threshold in the evening.



In average 4 swim sessions, 5 bike rides and 6 runs + 2 times wheight training and most important core work every second day.



Depending on the time of year, but at the moment 20k of swimming 450k riding and 60-70k of running.
I built back into this over a 3 week period.



I usually swim about 5 times a week, totalling around 20km…. then on the bike i like to do 2 longer rides over 150km and then 2 shorter harder rides that are strength focussed. On the run I usually do between 80km-100km a week…. I have one big long running day and then a couple of runs off the bike and also a tempo run.



I don’t record any of my training formally or follow a training schedule. I just simply get up in the morning and decide if I am going to go for a ride, run or swim depending on how I feel. But typically I do about three swims per week, between 4-6 runs including speed sets, and about 300km on the bike.


Levi Maxwell




Typically I swim six days a week, aiming for 24,000 meters total. My cycling varies greatly based on weather (winter!), but I will aim for a minimum of four days, and a maximum of six. I find that I can do a lot with five days of riding, totaling about 280-300 miles. The running will most often be 45-65 miles, depending on the time of year – and I like to run six days per week (often one day of double runs). The total hours weekly are generally from 24-30. I don’t count the gym sessions in there, but I try to do a couple 45-60minute sessions.

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