What are your favourite training sessions for each discipline?

I have cut up questions I have asked pro triathletes from an old media website I use to have.  Each week I will post a new question.  



My favourite swim sessions is our weekly Wednesday mornings at Noosa main beach doing Ins & outs with the surf club guys. The Tuesday morning bunch ride is a really good hit out with a strong group of cyclists and my Sunday long runs in the Noosa National park can’t be beat!


Elly Frank
Swim: A great set for when I’m solo is a change of pace set. A constant 1500m made up of: 50 easy/50 moderate/50 hard x 10.I’m actually wishing I had done more of that session recently. I’ve been so caught up in getting in and swimming at the 1 speed!

Bike/Run: 90mins-2 hours on wt with some nice long efforts. (10 mins/9 mins/8 mins/7 mins/6 mins/5 mins etc.) Followed by a build run (10k).



In swimming it is short 100m sprints as long as it is in a group. Biking it is a 4h ride with two 12km passes in the middle of the ride. Running its again a group workout on the track. 10*800m! I love it!



Swim – wednesday night speed/lactate session. This is my shortest swim session for the week but by far the hardest. I really feel like I’ve done something after this session.
Bike – I have two favourites. Wednesday morning hilly ride. At the time I hate it but I love the feeling after I’ve completed it. I also time myself going up the mountain so I like the challenge of racing the clock. And Saturday club ride. This is my long ride. I leave my house before 4am and ride 30km to meet my cycling club. Then I’m in for a 100km smash fest where all the boys are constantly trying to punish each other. Then I’ll ride home.
Run – Tuesday night I do my faster than race pace session with Jared. It hurts!!!



The refueling after :-)!! In all honesty I have a real love/hate relationship with most of the really challenging sessions. That is, while I may dread the hour and forty minute run with a big chunk of tempo in it, I usually take the most satisfaction from that session. Likewise, a tough swim session with say 5×400 at a high effort may give me pause while on the deck, but walking out to the car after, I feel the most satisfaction from the good hard effort. The same goes for cycling, and it is usually the mid range (3-4hr) rides with some good hard efforts in them that I enjoy the most.



Swim Set of 15 200’s. Increasing in pace. So for example 5 on 3 min, 4 on 2.55, 3 on 2.50, 2 on 2.45, 1 flat out. Change to suit your own pace.
Bike Hill reps. 6 by approx 10 mins. 1 steady (stay seated to work quad strength), 1 med, 2 hard, 1 med, 1 steady (staying seated).
Run Some kind of fartlek session with sprints and hard intervals of various lengths. I much prefer to do this on the beach rather than on the track.



Long runs and rides in the hills and open water swims.



Swim- surfing with the boys.
Bike- anything on the bike but a road race or crit is always fun.
Run- long runs alone with music


Matty White

Run – I really enjoy hitting the treadmill for a solid hour of power. I just set the treadmill at 18kmh and crank the tunes and get in the zone, I don’t have to think too much or stop for traffic lights so its easy on the mind.

Bike – I have been working with a couple of new sponsors of late Wattbike and ATS altitude technology systems, I have been using the altitude simulation at about 3400m and do a 3hr Wattbike session with 4x20min strength efforts trying to hold about 260 watts….and at about 12 percent oxygen its not fun!

Swim – I tend to swim how I feel depending how hard my bike and run sessions are, I don’t see the point of flogging myself in the pool when I am tired as it only creates bad stroke mechanics. I really enjoy swimming open water at West Lakes where I swim with a friend of mine who paces me through the session, nothing beats race simulation training.



Swim – Ocean swim in the summer. Long relaxed aerobic swim.
Bike – 200km loop around the Coromandel. Awesome views with 2000m of climbing. Good Honest ride.
Run – Threshold intervals. Nice even burn between the legs and lungs!



Swimming i would say a long endurace set, something thats really challenging, like 60 x 100s. When you get to the end you feel you have achieved something

Cycling i would say my long threshold ride, i have a 140km loop i do and i just ride it at best pace, it has 1000m of climbing in it and my best is 3h 35min

Running wise, i just like my long run, nothing like popping the ipod on and just jogging in some nice countryside



swim – 2k time trial
bike – anything with a lot of hills and climbing
run – Teller Farm workout – it’s a hilly 10 mile tempo run



On the swim, I like this main set…

400- 300 solid (s) 100 hard (h)
300- 200 s 100 h
200- 100 s 100 h
100- 100 h
100- 100 h
200- 100 h 100 s
300- 100 h 200 s
400- 100 h 200 s

On the cycle, I like nothing better than a solo long ride. 5 hours minimum, just me, the countryside, mountains and good music. A bakery stop is mandatory.

On the run, I’ve got some mountains that I like to run up at a threshold pace for strength. It’s always a nice view from the top, but a brutal session with at least 30mins of tempo up a 5-10% gradient.



Swim: I love paddles, pool buoy, and band. I do a lot of my swimming like this to build strength in my shoulders.
Bike: FTP sets, they might only be short and hard but when working at 120% of FTP you know you have worked hard.

Run: My long run, I have been running off feel in the last few weeks. No watch and not stressing about minute mile ect. What I have found that I am running faster. I normally download IMTalk and listen to that, and just switch off. Off road running doesn’t do it for me, also I think you should train as you would race.



5 x 600m
1. 3. 5. pull break 15”
2. 3x 200m starting every 2:30
4. 6x 100m starting every 1:20

3h on the tribike including 3x 10′ overgeared and after 30′-45′ easy riding 3x 5′ all out.

15-25x 1km 1 @ IM pace 1 @ IM 70.3 pace with my wife on the bike as company..

If we were to look in your fridge, what would we find?
A lot of fresh vegetables !



Swimming: Would be 30×100’s on a short rest cycle.. I love sets based on 100’s.. However i don’t just do 100’s…

Cycling: Depending on what the weathers doing. (yep i’m soft and don’t like wet days)… Long ride in the hills…. But my favourite session is my river loop about 75km with about as many coffee shop stops…. Love the coffee…

Running: Trials and loops…. (I don’t like out and backs)



I like doing 10 x 400m in the pool because its like an Ironman Swim.. especially if I do some with the Pull Buoy and Paddles on my hands.
On the bike, I like doing strength hill repeats.
My favorite run session is either my long run, anything up to 35km, or getting on the track and doing some speed such as 8 x 1km repeats descending a couple of seconds each rep.



My favourite set for each leg is when I get to train with other people. Swim would have to be 5x400m for main set, the ride I just hammer myself all the time so it does not change and for the run I like doing 6x1km with minimal rest.


Levi Maxwell




Swimming: I love a nice 5k swim, with a group or with two key swim partners. My idea of fun in the pool involves a challenging main set of around 3k, where the rest is short and I attempt to negative split – one of my weakness in the water! I like basic, such as 10×300. With cycling I love to ride up one of Boulder’s long canyons, doing a combination of big gear (low cadence) intervals, followed by some time trials on the flats. My little group of training partners and I will often do pursuit-style starts, so we can chase (and run from) one another. I love running a longer session of 15 or so miles, with 4×2 miles at or below my half marathon pace. These force proper pacing, and they give me great confidence for upcoming races.

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