What worked & what didn’t work at your race

One thing I started doing a few years ago was writing down after a race a list of everything that worked, everything that didn’t work and things to consider for next time I am racing.  Over time, getting everything ready for a race, race morning, during the race becomes more streamlined and stress free by the systems you create.

For example, here are my notes from the past three Ironman races I did.

2016 Notes:

  • Need a carry on bag that holds aero helmet, laptop, etc for travel on plane.
  • Transfer my race information and check lists to digital so I can access information from my phone.
  • Need better supplement travel container.


2017 Notes:

  • Fix strap on aero helmet so it doesn’t flap
  • Bring bottle cage from aero bars to frame so I can see power easier
  • Have greater control of my time in the days leading into the race
  • Don’t place anything in my pockets of my tri kit while on the bike


2018 Notes:

  • Need a check list for each day I am away for the race
  • Create full meal menu for the days leading into the race
  • Create and develop a pre-race routine


Over the years, this list has become shorter and shorter as I continuously develop a better system that sees being packed, travel, unpack and ready for race start with as least friction as possible.

I personally use a free program called Trello that is a app so you can access my lists and information from my phone.


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