First run with power

Following on from my past blog, I am keen to document running with a power meter and eventually coaching with a power meter.  I received my Stryd power meter on Monday and connected it to my Garmin and went for a run.


Current Fitness:

To start putting things into context, my training has taken a back seat in the past five weeks, so with this my fitness has taken a rather sharp nose dive and my weight has been climbing like a mountain goat. In the past five weeks, I have only ran 9 times with a total of 47km with the longest run being 11.6km.

To give a bigger overview of my training, a combination of swim, bike, run & strength training comes to a total of just over 26 hours for the past five weeks. This is the lowest I have seen this in years.

First run with power:

I wanted to jump in head first.  I decided to do a 12km loop with a combination on sharp and gradual climbs, sharp and gradual declines and some flats.  This will be my longest run in seven weeks.  I wanted to run this all at my Ironman effort (not pace, heart rate, etc but as I think it should “feel”).

I would be careful when I looked at my power numbers, I wanted to check my watch at set parts of the run and see what the numbers were doing. The times I would check are:

  • Half way down a hill
  • Half way up a hill
  • Half way along a flat section20181001_154758.jpg

Coming from a cycling power background, you need to forget a lot of what you already know about power meters.  When I would look at my watts during this run, I would see

  • No major spikes of power going uphill. When cycling with power and riding on feel, you will normally see a rather big spike in power when riding hills.  Yes the power increased but nothing really over 50 watts at the steepest hill and the longer gradual climbs the increase of power was only around 20-30 watts.
  • No major drop in power running downhill, again when riding downhill, it is common to see a major drop in power but with running, you are still producing power with every run step.  Yes power would drop but only around 20-30 watts.
  • Power stayed really consistent throughout the run and I can see that it would be a lot easier to control than a bike power meter.

Run Data

Below is some data taken off my Final Surge account. I will deep dive in the data from sessions in coming blogs but the things that stick out are my GCT balance (I seem to favour the left leg slightly as I guess I have had past injuries in my right legs). My leg spring number seems low but with current fitness that is to be expected.

Some items not listed in the data files are

  • Temperature: 13 degrees
  • Water consumed: zero
  • Weight lost: 1.2kg



You can see below I stopped five times during this run due to traffic. Each stop was between 5 seconds and the longest being around 20 seconds.


I ran this at my Ironman effort but this is over 2 minutes slower than I would expect to see the run at the same effort in the lead up to an Ironman.


And of course, I listened to Metallica during this run

Screenshot_20181001-173605_YouTube Music.jpg

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