Run Power Zones

Last Wednesday I completed a critical power tests (FTP) so I can work out my power zones and start structuring my training around my power meter.

The test is 15min warm up with 4x 50m efforts throughout.  3min maximum effort followed by 20min easy recovery followed by 10min maximum effort with a cool down at the end.

To find the FTP, you find the average from the 3min and 10min efforts and take 90% of this number and this will be the FTP.

My results were:

  • 3min: 297 watts
  • 10min: 284 watts
  • FTP: 278 watts

There are a number of ways to test and find your FTP, I personally am subscribing to the Steve Palladino method not only to find my FTP but also his zone list (below are my power zones).  Typically zone lists will have a simple zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 but with Steve’s zone lists have more greater details and takes more of the guess work out of it.

Tim's rFTP numbers

Power to weight:

I am really overweight at the moment. I was weighing 85kg when I did this and traditionally my weight would normally be around 81kg this time of year and my race weight would be somewhere around 78kg.  Also as mentioned in my past blog, I am really unfit at the moment but having said that, lets play around with these numbers for shits and giggles.

Only taking into account power to weight and my Ironman power being 85% of my FTP (race power today would be 236 watts) and also comparing it to my goal time of a 3:30 marathon time.

Now I expect these numbers to really change as I get closer to my Ironman in May next year, hell, I would expect these numbers to change by January when I do a marathon down in Hobart.  While my race weight is around 78kg, I also looked at 77kg and 76kg.  I don’t think going under 76kg would be a healthy option for myself as I would be all prick and ribs.

Race watts today: 236

Power to weight

As mentioned I have a marathon in thirteen weeks that I really should start training for. I plan to run this marathon at my Ironman power number (85% of FTP).  While my current FTP is 278 watts, if I was to increase my FTP to 286 watts (8 watt increase) with a body weight of 78kg, this would give me a race power of 243 watts and this should result into a 3:30 marathon…….. on paper anyway.

Love all this shit.


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