Month In to running power

So it has been a month since I got my Stryd power meter and I have been playing around with it on a number of different runs like threshold, VO2, trails, treadmills and aerobic runs. While I spent a lot of time in the past year reading and learning about training and coaching to a run power meter well before I ever got one myself, I am really enjoying the process of testing what I have learned and learning a lot along the way.

One thing that has been occurring quite often is people asking me what do I think of it and is it worth getting one.  In this blog, I thought I would touch on a few different runs and in coming blogs I will dive deeper in the analytics.

All sessions I am consistently comparing the power vs how I would feel if I was doing this on feel.  I will say that using a power meter cuts out any of the fluff.

VO2 efforts: I completed a 4x 3min with 4min easy between.  I noticed I really struggled to run slow enough during the easy recovery of 70% of my FTP. I just know that in the past I would run these parts way too hard.  Also notice that in the last 3min effort that I had to push a little harder than I may have just to hold my numbers.  I feel the Stryd power meter provided a higher value to this run.

Threshold and sweet spot runs: I have completed a few threshold and sweet spot run sessions and not really much to report here. Looking at the data after the session was cool.

Running Hills: I really like running hills using my Stryd power meter as I know I can get the right metabolic benefit that I am trying to achieve within the session meaning if I was doing a threshold session or a VO2 or an aerobic sessions, if I stick with the number set, I am still achieving the correct benefits. In the past when I would run up hill, it would be very hit and miss with getting what I was trying to achieve.

Aerobic:  Nothing really to report here except that on one easy aerobic run I had to keep my watts around 220. I ran 4km out and 4km back. Running out I had a tail wind and on the way back, sticking with 220 watts in the head wind, there was only a 30 second difference in time. Thought that was cool.

 Trail Runs: I have only done easy aerobic runs in bush trails so keeping watts around 220 throughout seemed easy to manage.

Treadmills:  I completed a sweet spot run of 15min @266, 3min @208, 10min @266 on the treadmill and this was very easy as I didn’t need to adjust for hills, changes to road, or think too much.  I simply set the treadmill to my power numbers and off I went. Loved it.

Data Geeking: I will go more into the data side in the next blog and look at the cool shit I am focusing on.


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