70.3 Busso Race Report

Going into this race, I am swimming and running the best I have ever. My cycle is around the normal.


I have never swam in such horrific conditions.  I always thought the swim at Ironman Cairns was bad, this was just crazy.  The first 30 meters was all seaweed and once around 200 meters into the swim, the ocean was so bad, I thought at times I may drown (and I am not joking, I did think about pulling out).

Before the race even started, I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the male pros take off and they were getting thrown around in the ocean and one group pros went in one direction and another group of pros went in a completely different direction.

We took off and I tried to swim at the back of the group but I was struggling to see where I was going and often couldn’t see the person who was in front of me.

I got out of the water 42:51 and having swam almost 300 meters longer than I needed too.  This was my slowest half Ironman swim ever and over 8 minutes slower than my last half Ironman swim.

Not a lot to report here, Yes it was windy but I was just sticking to my power numbers and around 30 minutes into the bike, I saw my average pace was around 38km/ph so I decided to back the watts off from 220 watts to 200 watts so I can arrive to the run with fresher legs.

My bike time was 2:34 with an average of 35.1km/ph


I was never going to look at time or pace on the run, only my run watts from my Stryd Power Meter.  I wanted to keep an average of 260 watts throughout and according to my prior calculations, this should give me a 1:39 to 1:40 run split.

Back in January I did a half marathon with an average of 155 watts where I got a time of 1:41. That was a rolling hill course and the Busso half marathon is a very flat course.

I don’t know what happened but at the start of my last 7km lap, I looked to see what my average pace and times and I saw my average pace was lot slower than I ever thought it was or should be. As I was feeling good, I decided not to look at my power meter again and just run as hard as I could.

My time was 1:43 with an average pace of 4:56. around 10-12 seconds per km slower than I thought. My average power was 270 watts, 15 watts higher than in January but my pace was much slower…….. need to do more research I think.


I finished the race 5:07 –  This is my slowest half Ironman since 2012.


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