Master Plan

At a glance, this is what the next two years should look like “if everything goes according to plan” I have 26 training blocks with each training block consisting of four weeks.


Block 1: Recovery & Transition

Block 2: Cycle Focus

Block 3: Cycle Focus

Block 4: Cycle Focus

Block 5: Transition from a very cycle focus to a very run focus

Block 6: Run Focus

Block 7: Run Focus

Block 8: Run Focus

Block 9: Run Focus & Marathon

Block 10: Transition and build towards 70.3

Block 11: 70.3 Geelong, recover & build back

Block 12: 70.3 Build

Block 13: Big family holiday

Block 14: 70.3 Build

Block 15: 70.3 Cairns & Recovery

Block 16: Transition

Block 17: Swim Focus

Block 18: Swim Focus

Block 19: Swim Focus

Block 20: Big bike Volume

Block 21: Ironman base training

Block 22: Ironman base training

Block 23: Ironman base training

Block 24: Ironman Build

Block 25: Ironman Build

Block 26: Taper & Ironman Australia


Focus Blocks

During these focus blocks I will be maintaining and working on the other disciplines however the main objective is to really focus on the goal discipline.  The strength training will also be targeted towards the block’s focus.


Boot Camps 

I have already set out the boot camps for the next two years with the following:

  • Block 3 – Two week boot camp
  • Block 4 – 1 week boot camp
  • Block 14 – 1 week boot camp
  • Block 19 – 1 week boot camp
  • Block 20 – 4 week cycle focus boot camp
  • Block 25 – 3 week boot camp


2 thoughts on “Master Plan

  1. Sounds like a wonderful challenge. Would love to see the periodization plan for the two year to peak effectively at 2020 IM Aus. I understand the theory around the focused block. Why the cycle, run, swim? And not swim-cycle-run to ensure your running is at its strongest?


    1. Hey Mate, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I love it!

      I will be posting more information in the coming weeks. In a nutshell, I have looked at what I need to work on, local events, work peak seasons, family commitments, training logs, etc, etc and came up with a “developing” blueprint for the next two years.

      There is a lot more information I need to add to fill in a lot of the blanks in the coming weeks.


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