Cycling & Run FTP Tests

This is a test week for me, Last Tuesday I did a swim CSS test, Thursday I did a run FTP test and Saturday I did a cycle FTP test.

Run FTP Test

Last rFTP test was 10th October

  • rFTP was 277 at 85.5kg (3.25 watts per kg)
  • Leg spring stiffness of 10.14
  • Form Power: 73.8 watts
  • 3min TT @309 watts
  • 10min TT @285 watts


My Results this week:

  • rFTP is now 319 watts at 78.2kg (4.07 watts per kg)
  • Leg spring stiffness 11.85
  • Form Power:  83.7 watts
  • 3min TT @347 watts
  • 10min TT @328 watts


Run Training Zones: 

So working off this rFTP number, these are my run zones:

  • Easy 50% – 80% (160-255 watts)
  • Endurance: 81% – 88% (256-281 watts)
  • Tempo:  89% – 95% (282-303 watts)
  • Threshold:  96% – 105% (304-335 watts)
  • VO2 MAX: 106% – 115% (336-367 watts)
  • Anaerobic 116%-300% (368 – 957 watts)



Cycle FTP Test

Last FTP test was 9th February. My cycle fitness was far from good.

  • FTP was 275 watts @77.1kg (3.56 watts per kg), while my FTP had decreased from June the year before, my power to weight ratio had increased slightly.


New FTP as of 18th May

  • 283 watts @78.2kg (3.61 watts per kg) my FTP had returned back to its normal number with the bonus of power to weight ratio improving.


Cycling Training Zones

  • Easy 30-59% (85-167 watts)
  • Endurance: 60-79% (168-224 watts)
  • Tempo:  80-90% (225-255 watts)
  • Threshold: 91-104% (256-294 watts)
  • VO2 MAX: 105-120% (295-340 watts)
  • Anaerobic 121-300% (341-849 watts)


I start the Train Smooth Cycle Challenge from the 1st June.  While I hope to see an improvement in my cycling performance, I would guess my power to weight ratio will decrease over the next few months before we will see a spike in it.  Reason comes from two ends.

  1. I normally put on some weight over winter.
  2. I want to test supplementing with creatine and creatine will put on a few kilograms of water weight.  From 1st June, I will do a week at 20g per day and back it off to 3g per day for the remainder of the cycle challenge.  Once I am off creatine, it will take a few good weeks to lose the extra water weight I had put on but I am keen to see what adaptations from supplementing I will get.

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