Week Three – Developing Markers

The goal for this week was simply build consistent training with the added strength work in the gym and recover through the volume.  Therefore it was a boring training week to write about.

I have spent some time looking at data from Kona qualifiers (KQ) and my own data and I am in the process of developing a “key markers” chart.  More or less what an average 40 year old KQ can run a 5km race in, what are their threshold swim pace, what can they lift for five squats, etc and compare these numbers to my current numbers as well as past numbers.

Yes it appears I have no life.

From a percentage standpoint, I need to improve

  • Swimming: Need to improve by 15% (snapping duck crap) 
  • Cycling: Need to improve by 6%
  • Running: Need to improve by 5%
  • Ironman (overall) 10.3%

These percentage are really just at a glance.

Good news is I have two years to make this gains, I don’t need to rush or miss important steps along the way as I have a race I am training for like in past years, I can dive a little deeper in different parts of my training and take my time within a training block.


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