Block One Summary

As mentioned in last blog, this training block was focused around recovery and getting the body use to training with the added gym sessions again so numbers right across the board are down with the exception of some power numbers on the bike.

Cycling Power:

This is from a FTP test I did three weeks ago where I got a 4min, 6min, 10min, 15min, 20min & a 30min best power out put.

Block 1 - 7

Some note regarding my FTP & power to weight:

  • My current FTP is 283 watts @ a 3.72 watts per kg,
  • Last test I did was in February and results were 275 watts @ a 3.57 watts per kg
  • Test prior to this was in May 2018 and it was 284 watts @ a 3.55 watts per kg

These results took me by surprise as I wasn’t expected to see such an increase with power to weight.


Block Summary:

  • Core = Swim, Bike, Run S&C
  • Extras = Oxygen deprivation, Mobility, meditation and body maintenance (I do not count legs up in this)

Block 1 - 1


Other information

So I keep track of hours I work, hours I sleep, I score my daily diet (as you can see it’s been shithouse), I score my daily drive (motivation) and I score and rank a number of funny little things.

Apart from my compliance rating that I have only just started playing around with in this training block, the rest isn’t new.  I have been tracking some of these things now for years.



Session Valuation

This chart below I rank the value to each session.  For example in week four, you can see I completed one lower value ride in yellow.  This ride was with my son and it was all at his level.



Score Charts

This is what I am scoring my shit off

Block 1 - 6


Run power 

I have only been collecting run power from October, here is the peak run power curve

Run power


Leg Spring Stiffness Chart

In a nutshell, the greater you can get your leg spring stiffness, the faster you can go at no extra oxygen cost meaning free speed.

This is my peak leg spring stiffness curve

Leg spring stiffy


Ability Table & Load Chart

Some other charts I look at are my ability table and more so below is my load chart for the past month.

Block one


Next Training Block

The main focus for the next four week training block is very much cycle focused as I will ride everyday through winter.  I will do my best to maintain everything else but if I need to miss or cut a session, it will be anything apart from the bike.

At a glance, five rides per week will be on the road bike, one ride per week will be on my TT bike and one ride per week will be on a spin bike at the gym however I have given myself an option that one day a week I can swap the road bike for my mountain bike and hit the trails.

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