25 pounds of crap

When I created this week’s program, I always knew it was going to be a tough week as I was trying to fit 25 pounds of crap into a 20 pound bag.  With cycling every day, working 67 hours and trying to fit in my son’s basketball commitments. Something had to give.  This week my running couldn’t fit into the 20 pound bag with only managing to do 9km of running.

If I wasn’t depressed enough about my running this week, it is Ironman Cairns today and for the past four years I have gotten out of the freezing Tassie winter and into an amazing Cairns winter.  Hopefully will be up there next year to do the Ironman 70.3.

Training Compliance

  • Swimming: 100% compliance.  All sessions completed as programmed
  •  Bike: 90% compliance, While I cycled everyday this week, I had to cut two sessions in half due to unexpected work commitments
  • Running: 24% compliant, Missed an 11km run and also a 20km run.
  • Strength & Conditioning: 100% compliance.  Two sessions in the gym and one session at home as per program.


Personal Best

I did a cycle session that consisted of 10x 10 seconds MAX, 3min easy.  I got a personal best power output on 3sec, 4sec, 5sec & 10sec.  Out of the 10x 10sec max efforts, 7 of the efforts went past my previous best power.  This sounds great however this is the first time ever I have gone all out for 10 seconds so if I didn’t get this result I would have been concerned.

It did explain a lot on why when I cycle with the weekend bunch and things really heat up towards the end of the ride and it turns into a sprint finish, I am left behind like I am the ugly girl at the prom with my 10 second MAX power being 804 watts.  I would guess I am 20% behind the others within the bunch.  Understandable as they only cycle and I do triathlons.

Here is the session below, I took each interval and overlapped them on this power curve.


bike one.png



Due to most of the feedback I received last week was about my son Jack, I thought I should give an update.  He is 100% compliant with his cycling having rode everyday this week.  All sessions were on the indoor trainer.  He also won his school Cross Country race, competed in five games of basketball over the weekend.



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