Getting my targets in

I have always been a pro wrestling fan.  It started when I was around eight years old. Even now, there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t click on a wrestling news website and get caught up with everything that is happening within the business.  One of the terms pro wrestlers like to use is “got to get my shit in”.  The meaning of this is they want to get their signature moves in within their match.

I’m no different, I too like to “get my shit in” within each training week.  I like to call these “targets” when around the kids so for the sake of this blog, i’ll just refer to my shit as targets.

This week’s goals were simple, hit all weekly targets within the core part of my training (swim, bike, run and strength) and complete all the extras (mobility, oxygen deprivation, meditate, body maintenance).

Looking at the past six weeks, I am yet to hit all my weekly targets in the core part of my training nor within the extras. In fact, I needed to go back to the week of March 24th where I completed all core targets and the week of 3rd March when I hit my core training targets as well as all the extras.

Core Targets:

Depending on the time of year will depend what these targets are.  Currently these are my target numbers over the next three training blocks.

Please note that these targets are all “minimum” of what I want to achieve.

  • Swim – 3 sessions with a minimum of 6km in total.
  • Bike – 7 sessions with a minimum of 200km (ride every day)
  • Run – 3 sessions with a minimum of 40km
  • S&C – 3 sessions with a minimum of one in the gym (really aiming for two in the gym)


Extras Targets:

The targets I have set within the “Extras” are the minimum I like to hit each week all year round however as mentioned above, I have really sucked at achieving this.

  • Mobility – 3 sessions per week
  • Oxygen Deprivation – Minimum of twice a week that doesn’t include hypoxic swim sets
  • Body maintenance – 3 times a week (foam roller, self-massage, cupping)
  • Meditation – minimum of once a week however wish this was once a day.


Photo of the Saturday group ride with half the riders fixing a flat tyre and the other half checking out the new Factor road bike.


Back in February, my son Jack and I filmed each other swimming with his new Gopro.  It had been awhile since I have seem my swim stroke.  I use to film myself swimming all the time and at one stage I would film myself once a week.

Looking at my stroke from the footage we took, I decided to make a couple of changes to my stroke.  I use to drive the stroke from my hips.  The changes I made was to start driving the stroke from my shoulders instead of my hips.  Obvious this made me take a step backwards for a month or so while I develop this new stroke. In March, I saw my swim times return back to normal.   Since March, my swim times have slowly kept crawling down. I have been getting faster by around 1 second per 100 meters per month (on an average swim session).

My swim has improved so much over the past few years. It break my heart that for the past few years I haven’t been able to display my improvements within a race as every race I have done the water conditions have been shithouse.


Photo of Jack & I on hitting some trails on the MTB


Week 6 looked somethed like:


  • Swim: 100% compliance
  • Bike: 100% compliance (I did have to cut the intensity on Friday’s session but kept the volume)
  • Run: 100% compliance
  • S&C: 100% compliance (I was playing catch up with a gym session at 9pm Sunday night)



  • Swim: 3 swims, total of 7.2km
  • Bike: 7 rides, total of 238km (2 rides on the TT bike, 3 rides on road bike, 1 ride on the spin bike and 1 ride on the MTB)
  • Run: 4 runs, total of 41.1km (first 20km run since Busso 70.3 six weeks ago)
  • S&C: 3 sessions with 2 in the gym and 1 at home



  • 4 mobility sessions
  • 2 oxygen deprivation sessions
  • Meditated once
  • Foam roller 3x (only legs and hips)


Time Spent Training

  • Core: 15:47
  • Extras: 2:40
  • Total: 18:27



Photo of Jack riding on his trainer.  He is still on track for the 93 rides in 93 days.


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