First Kona Push

17th June 2015, I was communicating via email with my than coach and now mentor Allan Pitman about a failed Ironman I had just completed.  He wrote back –

“I think you really just lack the belief that you can go faster – off a swim and bike like that, a 10.30 is very doable.

It goes against common beliefs but I think you need to spend the winter getting your swim stronger and committing to 10hrs of cycling every week from the start of July till Cairns next year (June) just make that “what you do”.
You simply need more development – make 2015/2016 your development year”
I went into a three month retirement after this race and really thought I would never do another triathlon again……….. (Two years later I got the 10:30 Ironman)
However I think about these comments from Allan often and this was one of the reasons I have started the three month cycling challenge with cycling everyday of winter.  While at this stage I am struggling to find the ten hours a week of cycling, I have been consistent with around eight to nine hours of cycling each week so far.
Taking what Allan said a step further, I really am after a solid 12-18 months of uninterrupted, consistent basic development training with an average of 15-16 hours a week with load weeks being 20+ hours.  If I can arrive in November 2020 with a strong body that is well prepared then I will have six months of focused specific training towards my first Kona push in May 2021.
This Week’s Training
This week is the second week in a row that I hit all my targets in the core part of my training as well as all the extras.  Going back through my training log, it was November 2018 when I hit all my targets two weeks in a row for the core part of my training and I need to keep going back to April 2018 when I completed all my targets two weeks in a row for both the core part of my training as well as all the extras.
I enjoy looking back through my training logs as things like this can stick out like dog balls and hopefully will drive me not to repeat the same mistakes.
Personal Best:
I got an hour personal best power output on Wednesday when I did a session that was 40 minutes hovering under threshold (HUT) sitting at 250 watts.  The hour personal best power was 231 watts beating my previous one hour power of 227 back in October 2017.
It really sounds better that it actually is, these are different training sessions than I have ever done so I can expect these “personal best” to pop up a few times over the next month.
40min HUT.JPG
Also a I noticed my Chronic training load (CTL) is the highest I have seen it this week since Today’s Plan introduced swim/Bike/Run into their platform.  This week’s CTL is 70.6 – This number needs to double over the next year.
Running at MAF
Seeing as all my runs of late have been easy to moderate while I focus more on the bike, swim and gym, I thought I would change from running to my Stryd power meter and start running at my MAF heart rate being 140 beats per minute.
It has been a few years since I ran at MAF.  The concept was created by Dr Phil Maffetone and the rough guidelines are 180 minus your age.  There is a bit more to it than that but it gives you the quick outline.  For the rest of winter I will keep all my runs at around 140 bpm.
I am now 23 days into my cycling challenge, one of the issues I am finding is the lack of time to run.  I think I have done more brick runs in the past 23 days than I have in the past two years combined. I ordered a treadmill to hire for the remainder of winter.  I hope this will alleviate some of the stress in looking for opportunities to go out and run.  The treadmill arrives Tuesday.
  • Swim: 93% compliance – I cut one swim short 500m as there were a silly number of people swimming in only three avlable lanes with most people swimming slow and I really struggled to get in what I did.
  • Bike: 92% compliance – Friday I had worked 12 hours and went out for dinner with the family followed by watching my son’s basketball game so by the time I got on my bike it was 10pm.  I did the minimum of 20 minutes of cycling as I had to wake up at 4am the next morning.
  • Running – 100% compliance – I was still running at 10:30pm Sunday night to get my shit in.
  • Strength – 100% compliance.


Core Training

  • Swim: 3 sessions with a total of 6.5km
  • Bike: 7 rides with a total of 226.3km
  • Run: 4 runs with a total of 40km (all runs were off the bike)
  • Strength: 3 sessions with 2 in the gym and 1 at home



  • Mobility: 5 sessions (I have been asked about these, will do bog on soon)
  • Oxygen Deprivation: 3 sessions
  • Meditated:once
  • Body Maintenance: 4 times on the foam roller


Time spent training

  • Core part: 15:47 hrs
  • Extras: 3:15 hrs
  • Total: 19:02 hrs


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