Ironman by Numbers

I have been playing around with some cycling and running power numbers, looking at now versus where I would like to be in May 2021.

Side Note:

Back in my Busso 70.3 race report, I mentioned something went wrong with my run power numbers.  The watts vs pace were not where they should have been.  I made a “rookie mistake” with my Stryd power meter. The day before the race, I updated my weight on the Stryd app.  There was a 10kg difference between the weight I had originally saved in Stryd and my current race weight.

Stryd works on power to weight ratio so when I was running at 270 watts thinking this will give me a 1:40 half marathon, it was actually inline to be a 1:47 half marathon. That is why come 14km into the run it felt a lot easier than it should have…….


Ironman Bike: 

To cycle a sub five hours at Ironman Australia being a very hilly course with dead roads, my bike power should look something like

  • Flat: 225 watts
  • Hills: 295 watts
  • Downhill: big gear, soft peddles

Problem with this is my FTP is currently 283 @76kg, for these numbers to occur, my FTP would really need to be 295 @75kg at a minimum…….. But a FTP of 300+ would be better.


Ironman Run:

With the Ironman marathon, if I was to walk 10 seconds per aid stations that are located every 2km. Keeping this in mind, I would need to run at minimum of a 3:30 marathon being around 4:55km pace. This for myself is around 85% of my rFTP and this is the “recommended percentage” for running a Ironman using power.

This doesn’t give me a lot of wiggle room currently but luckily I have sometime to become a stronger runner.


Shitty Past Cycling Facts 

It is easy to sit back and write about good shit that I have done in the past but that doesn’t make for good reading and in reality I tend to respond better from a little public shaming.

Looking through my training logs going back to 2016 (all training between 2010-2015 are all written in paper diaries), here are some shitty cycling facts:


2016 Cycling:

  • 5860.1km
  • 6 weeks of no cycling
  • 5 weeks with only one ride completed
  • 16 weeks with only two rides completed
  • 10 weeks of only riding under 50km
  • 11 weeks of riding only between 50-100km
  • Ironman bike was 5:33


2017 Cycling (This was my best cycling year)

  • 9252km
  • 6 weeks of only two rides completed
  • 4 Weeks of only riding 50-100km
  • Ironman bike 5:20


2018 Cycling

  • 6863km
  • 2 weeks of no cycling
  • 7 weeks of only riding once
  • 5 weeks of only riding twice
  • 8 weeks of only riding under 50km
  • 12 weeks of riding only between 50-100km
  • Ironman Bike 5:35


2019 Cycling as of the end of last week

  • 3615.7km
  • 2 weeks of no cycling
  • 1 week of only one ride
  • 3 weeks of only riding twice
  • 3 weeks of only riding under 50km
  • 5 weeks of only riding between 50-100km


Fair enough some of these low-ball numbers were due to recovery weeks, illness, vacations, etc but there are also a shitload of weeks that a lack of drive and a lack of discipline created these shitty numbers.

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