Block Two done

One month down and two months to go with the cycling everyday of winter. There are two things that are sticking out like dog nuts for me.

  1. Just how fast I am recovering from workouts.
  2. How well I am able to hold power at or just under threshold.

Tuesday I did a one hour hovering under threshold (HUT) effort, while the muscles felt like they were suffering a Chinese burn, I felt like I could handle that Chinese burn all day.  I found a number of times during the 1hr HUT effort when I wasn’t focused and my power would drift up to threshold and stay their till I realised and I would back it off.

Wednesday night, my quads and hamstrings were rather sore.  I was awake all Wednesday night and I would say I noticed around 4am I had zero soreness in my legs.  Just from the gym session alone, I should have been walking straight legged for a couple of days.  Crazy that DOMS is only lasting a matter of hours (at the moment).


Personal Best

As mentioned I did a hour HUT on the bike, This gave me another 1 hour personal best peak power of 257 watts – last week I got a personal best peak power of 231 for the hour so I am a happy camper seeing these numbers increase.



When I wrote my program for the week, I think I was a little ambitious with my avlable training hours.

  • Swim: 73% compliance (missed a 3km swim session)
  • Bike: 87% compliance (cut Wednesdays ride short as the treadmill guy had to comeback and service the machine and I cut Sundays ride short due to lack of time)
  • Run: 100% compliance
  • Strength: 100% compliance


Core Training:

  • Swim: 3 swims with a total of 8.3km
  • Bike: 7 rides with a total of 225.5km (4 rides on the TT, 2 rides on the road bike and 1 ride on the gym spin bike)
  • Run: 4 runs with a total of 40.9km
  • Strength: 3 sessions with 2 at the gym and 1 at home



  • Mobility: 3 sessions
  • Oxygen Deprivation: 2 sessions
  • Maintenance: 3 sessions on the foam roller (only legs and hips)
  • Meditated: twice


Training Hours:

  • Core Training: 15:07
  • Extras: 2:15
  • Total Training: 17:22


***** End of Block Two *****

That is the second training block completed with only twenty four remaining. I am starting to be more and more consistent in my training.


Load chart for the past 31 days

Tim Egge's Load Chart

Bike Peak Power Curve  

Tim's Peak Bike


Run Peak Power Curve 

Tim's Peak Run


Summary of the past two training blocks

Train Smooth Block


Jackhammer Updated

Jack is still going well with the cycle challenge. He hasn’t missed a day yet.  However since we got the treadmill, I suggested he should complete a one mile run every day at a moderate effort and get his speed work in through basketball so come track season he will be a step a head. However he has been hopeless with the run challenge.

Photo of Jack being “posh”…. clearly



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