Test Week

This week was always going to be a struggle getting my shit in.  Week one of each training block will be very much the same but at least I have something to complain about every four weeks.

While I was still able to hit all my targets, I am disappointed with my bike this week.  Looking at my training log it wasn’t bad by any means, it just wasn’t good.  I did get in two quality bike sessions but I had to cut three rides short losing a little over two hours of riding.


Core Strength

“You can’t be too flexible and your core can’t be too strong” – Allan Pitman 

I am currently reading a book called The Brave Athlete  from Simon Marshall and Lessley Paterson.  In the book they mention a website Lessley Paterson owns Six minute six pack.

I instantly dismissed it as I hate the name of the site as it sounds sleazy however this book is one of the best books with regards to sports psychology I have ever read and so I thought I must check out the Six minute six pack brand.  As you may know Lessley Paterson is a 3x world champion pro triathlete.  I decided to signup for the site for a year subscription to give it a go.

While I only started this week, I must admit I have been impressed with the six minute core sessions.  I just don’t like the name…..



“Father, forgive me for these gains i’m about to receive” – Bro Science 

Just when time wasn’t on my side this week, I have a mate with a home gym that would rival many commercial gyms get in contact with me and offer me what I need to start my own gym at a price I couldn’t say no to.  I have been toying with the idea of setting up my own gym but it was something I was going to look at around September but this opportunity was too good to pass so I have started making inroads to building out a quarter of the pool room downstairs into a gym.  While I still need to get a few bits and pieces, I have enough gear to get me going.

While my son is devastated I cancelled my gym membership, this saves me around 25 minutes of travel to and from the gym.

In the past I would be in the gym twice a week in the off season and generally once a week for the rest of the year.  Having a gym at home opens the opportunity to adding an extra gym session every seven to ten days during the season.


FTP Test

I started the week off with doing a FTP test on the bike.  I wasn’t positive this was going to go well as my last FTP seven weeks ago I was really fresh and of late I have been averaging around 15 hours of training per week with the day before the FTP test being a hard day for the old body.

FTP history: 

  • 10/10/2016 – 251 watts
  • 4/2/2017 – 265 watts
  • 29/3/2017 – 265 watts
  • 11/7/2017 – 278 watts
  • 13/2/2018 – 282 watts
  • 9/2/2018 – 275 watts
  • 18/5/2019 – 283 watts
  • 1/7/2019 – 287 watts (2% increase)


Swim Test

On Wednesday, I did a critical swim speed test.  These are the past three CSS tests I have completed:

  • 27/12/17 – 1:38 (400 @6:30 & 200 @3:14)
  • 27/7/2018 – 1:39 (400 @6:34 & 200 @3:17)
  • 14/5/2019 – 1:38 (400 @6:29 & 200 @3:13
  • 3/7/2019 – 1:38 (400 @6:28 & 200 @3:13)

While my CSS score hasn’t really improved, my average swim session pace has.  I am still seeing my average pace during a swim session improve by around 1 second per 100 meters per month.


Run Test

Normally with my run tests, I would do a rFTP test however, I see little value in doing this at the moment as all my runs have been at my MAF heart rate of 140bpm so I decided to do a 10km MAF time trial.

Last time I did a few blocks running at MAF was back in 2015.  Looking back through my training log, I only did two 10km MAF tests.

I did the 10km MAF time trial on the same course as the past tests.

  • 15/10/2015: 59:19 (MAF HR was 145bpm)
  • 11/10/2015: 54:51 (MAF HR was 145bpm)
  • 3/7/2019: 56:56 (MAF HR was 140bpm)


Week Nine Looked like


  • Swim: 116% compliance (yay go me)
  • Bike: 79% compliance (three sessions cut short)
  • Run: 100% compliance
  • Strength: 100% compliance


Core Training

  • Swim: 4 sessions with a total of 8.5km (I was able to do an extra session Wednesday)
  • Bike: 7 rides with a total of 208.1km
  • Run: 5 runs with a total of 40.2km all at MAF
  • Strength: 8 sessions (6x 6min core sessions and 2 in the gym)


  • Mobility: 4 sessions
  • Oxygen Deprivation: 4 sessions
  • Meditated: twice
  • Body Maintenance: 6x on the foam roller (hips and legs)


Training Hours

  • Core Training: 15:26 hrs
  • Extras: 3:20 hrs
  • Total Time: 18:46 hrs

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