220-250 Hours

In 2016, my average training hours were 10 hrs per week with six months leading into an Ironman being 11 hrs per week

In 2017, my average training hours were 11.2 hrs per week with six months leading into an Ironman being an average of 14 hrs per week

In 2018, my average training hours were 11 hrs per week with six months leading into an Ironman being 13 hrs per week

In 2019, leading into Busso 70.3, my average training hours was 10 hrs per week.

I know I need a solid 12-18 months of uninterrupted consistent training development of approximately 15 hrs per week if I want to be in a position to train like a Kona qualifier for the six months leading into Ironman Australia 2020.

Reason I mentioned all of this is I was talking with an athlete this week and I simply asked the question “what do you think an extra 100 hrs of training a year would doto your performance?”  It is an interesting question. Less than an extra 2 hrs of training per week for a year….. I’m trying to take it a step further by adding an extra 220-250 hrs per year to my annual training load.


This week

I am currently on annual leave from work for the next two weeks.  It is school holidays here in Tassie so I am enjoying spending the extra time with the family, doing a few jobs around the house and getting in my shit.

On Wednesday I was burning a rabbit cage (men do stupid shit) and as I was breaking the cage up with my foot, I felt something hit my right calf muscle. I look down and see a bit of timber from the rabbit cage stuck my my calf. I pulled it out not thinking too much about it just to noticed the timber was stuck to my calf by a nail that had gone into my calf  by a good solid inch.

Crazy part was there were no blood, no pain, just a small hole where the nail had punched through. The next day my calf was swollen and very sore.  I was still able to cycle everyday however all rides until Saturday were all moderate effort rides.  I did my first run on Friday with little discomfort.

To play catch up on the run, I ran with a group Sunday morning and I did 25km (longest run since 2nd December when I ran 30km) and in the afternoon I did an extra 5km run.  The funny part is I felt like I had been running 30km long runs every week, legs felts fresh.



  • Swim: 75% compliance (missed one swim)
  • Bike: 100% compliance (had to cut the intensity out of 3 rides due to calf)
  • Run: 100%
  • Strength: 100% compliance



  • Swim: 3 sessions with a total of 6.2km
  • Bike: 7 rides with a total of 301km (most km since May 2017)
  • Run: 3 runs with a total of 40.6km
  • Strength: 6 sessions with 2 sessions lifting weights



  • Mobility: 3 sessions
  • Oxygen Deprivation: 2 session
  • Maintenance: twice on the foam roller doing legs and hips (missed one)
  • Meditated: Once


Total Training Hours:

  • Core: 17:37 hrs
  • Extras: 1:55 hrs
  • Total training hours: 19:32

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