New rFTP

Last week of the school holidays and we are all back to work and school from next week. It has been an awesome two weeks just knocking around with the family, doing shit around the house and getting my training in.

We spent Monday night in Hobart and while I was in the big smoke, I got a couple pairs of running shoes and I ordered a new treadmill that should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday.  The treadmill I am currently using is on hire and after seeing real value in having one at home, I found one in Hobart that is 2.5 horse power (current one is 1.5 horse power).

Having my cycling, running and gym based here at home has opened up a lot of new opportunities for my training. I have been doing a lot of cycling at home now for the past few years but now able to run and lift weights here at home is crazy awesome. If only I can turn my rear fishpond into an endless swimming pool (I was actually talking to a mate last week how possible it would be).


Ambitions got away from me 

While I marked my running as 100% compliance as I completed all run sessions that I had in my program, on Saturday night after doing a very hilly 130km ride, I was feeling good and thought I might go out with a run group filled with marathon and ultra marathon runners and do a 32km instead of a 23km run.  The run we were doing was very hilly in the first half and more flat in the second half but my run fitness isn’t there and I quickly found out I had no business running with them. I turned off early and finished at 24km.

Stryd has only last week released a new update to their power center/app that calculates critical power/rFTP automatically and is within 1% accurate where as doing a rFTP test is within 2% accurate.   In May my rFTP was 319 (4.07 watts per kg) and now according to the automatic calculator my rFTP is 309 watts (3.9 watts per kg).  this seems about right as all my runs have been at MAF and my current MAF pace is slow as shit.




This Week


  • Swim: 100% Compliance
  • Bike: 100%
  • Run: 100% compliance
  • Strength & Conditioning: 100% Compliance


Core Training: 

  • Swim: 3 sessions at 6.2km
  • Bike: 7 sessions at 328.4km
  • Run: 3 sessions at 41.9km
  • Strength & Conditioning: 5 sessions with 2 lifting weights and 3 body weight



  • Mobility: 3 sessions
  • Oxygen Deprivation: 2 sessions
  • Maintenance: 3 times on the foam roller (legs and hips)
  • Meditated: Once



  • Core Training: 20:19 hrs
  • Extras: 2:10 hrs
  • Total Time: 22:29



Photo taken from a ride I did


I am still going well with my cycling challenge, I haven’t missed a day cycling.  Jack missed a day as he was at a mate’s house but he made it up the next day riding in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Photo below is a ride I did with Jack.


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