A look at my load chart

I wrote this for the private Train Smooth Facebook group and thought I should post on the site to show a micro look at what a load week can do to your fitness.

Tim's training load.jpg

Here is my load chart as it can be cool to geek out at. This is a look at my training over the past four weeks. I first must say Final Surge at this stage does not offer this and this data comes from Today’s Plan.

Chronic Training Load (CTL) – This is the black line and is more or less my current fitness.

Acute Training Load (ATL) – this is the red line and is a way of objectively gauging your current training load. It is the short term accumulation of your daily T-scores

Training Stress Balance (TSB) is the orange line and is really a freshness score.

T-Score – this is the green line and measures sessions completed with power, pace or HR data. The formula takes into account both the workout intensity and duration.

Now….. I have been slowly just been ticking the boxes in my training over the past four week. Most swims being 2-3km, most rides being 1-2hrs and most runs being 5-20km. That is why my CTL has been slowly increasing and everything has been going alone in the right direction with a long view in mind.

Last Saturday I go out for a very hilly ride that took under 6hrs. All rides have been well under 2.5hrs in the past couple of months so you see a massive spike with my T-Score & ATL and a big drop in my TSB. As a result my CTL has increased to 90 where it may have been another week or two before it reached that CTL number.

For me to take advantage of the spike in CTL, I will need to manage my TSB & ATL over this week so I can keep CTL trending upwards. Ideally my CTL would be nice to see it between 120-150 throughout the next tri season.

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