Injury & Rocking

So I am a little behind with the blog, Let me catch you up in the past three weeks.

Three Weeks Ago

On Monday I was telling my wife that I will most likely do the Launceston Half Marathon in early September and maybe finish my MAF training at the half marathon.

On Tuesday I was asked to be a pacer for the full marathon or the 10km at the event. I tried to become a pacer for the half marathon but all spots were filled. I agreed to be the 4hr pacer for the full Marathon. I couldn’t resist the chance to help others achieve their goal time and even though I haven’t completed a marathon in a year and a half and non of my training has been targeted towards a marathon, I like to think I could do a 4hr marathon at a moments notice.

On Friday I was running and around 11km into a 15km run I was running down a hill and I would normally run on the road at this section but because of the number of cars on the road, I decided to stay on the footpath and BANG!, I rolled my foot on the edge of a pothole.

I didn’t show it the respect I maybe should have as an hour after rolling my ankle I was on the bike.  I still went to work for 12 hours and really struggled to move around.

On Saturday it was clear I needed crutches to move.  I had to take two days off the bike.  This crushed me as I have ridden every day since the 1st June.


Two Weeks Ago

Each day I could see improvements with my recovery.

  • Monday: I was able to start cycling again
  • Tuesday: I no longer needed crutches
  • Wednesday: most of the swelling had gone however my ankle was still badly bruised
  • Thursday: I was able to start walking full incline on the treadmill for an hour
  • Friday: I was able to unclip my shoes from my bike without doing it by hand
  • Saturday: I can fully rotate my foot slowly in all directions


This week

My foot is still bruised and I need to be careful with what and how I do it. On Wednesday I was stretching in front of the TV and I was focusing on my glutes when I grab on foot not thinking and the pain shot through me.

I can’t kick in the water still so all swim sessions I have been using a pool buoy.  I have no restrictions on the bike, I still can’t run and I have some restrictions with strength training.

Seeing as the marathon is in a few weeks, I am officially out unfortunately.

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