Injury & can data tell me the feature?

I have very little to write about my week of training.  My ankle is 90% right and I hope to start running again Tuesday or Wednesday.  Because I have little to write about, I thought I would share some KPI and other numbers.

The race season has two (maybe three) Half Ironman races I am targeting.

  • Coles Bay Half (26 weeks away)
  • Cairns 70.3 (42 Weeks away)


Training to data

While I am training to data, I must first say that this is by far not necessary. I would guess my coaching skills would get to around 98% of this but I am simply enjoying numbers and data.  I guess I have watched too much Money Ball.

To find where I hope to peak in 26 weeks I need to know what my estimated T-Score (training stress) and me Intensity Factor (IF) number will be come race day.


Finding my Intensity Number

This is the weighted power divided by the FTP,  For example if I was to do a race at 80% of my FTP, it will look like “80% of my 288 FTP = 230.4 divided by 288 =0.8″


Finding my T-Score

Now this gets a little tricky and is why I write down everything so I don’t forget.


To calculate race day T-Score

  1. Estimated time in seconds of the race (bike) (9000 seconds for a 2:30hr 70.3 ride)
  2. Multiple above with race day percentage of FTP (80% of FTP for the 70.3 bike will give us 233 watts)
  3. Multiple above with Intensity (Intensity is 0.8)

This will give us a total of 1677600 – You take this number and

5. Divide with FTP (5,825)

6. Divide with 3600 (seconds in an hour) = 1.61

7. Remove the decimal point and this is your T-Score “161” for what I would like to do at Coles Bay Half.

So now I have my T-Score, I need to workout my Cronic Training Load

Cronice Training Load (CTL) 

While my current CTL is 95.2, my bike CTL is 46.9 while my run is 19.3 (and is quickly falling by the day since I can’t run at the moment) with bike and run CTL being 66.2.

  • My goal bike CTL is 30% of my FTP = 86.4
  • My goal run CTL is 4x rFTP kph = 54.4

I add both these up and that will give me a combined CTL of 140.8 for the bike/run CTL.  I can then divide these up over the next 26 weeks till Coles Bay Half to give me a good guide to help track my fitness (see chart below)

Note that CTL is a six week rolling average.

CTL Tim Egge


Key Performance Indicator

While I am blogging about crap while I avoid the topic of my actual training this week, I have come up with key performance indicator for myself. The highlighted red is my current levels.

I look at this and think of the saying “When the stars align” and see what I need to work on to ensure all my stars align.

Tim's Kona KPI



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