Now much decrease will an injury cost your run FTP

On the 2nd August I was doing an aerobic run and while I was running downhill, I rolled my foot on the edge of a pothole coursing me to stop running up until last Wednesday 28th August.  Just under four weeks, all I could do was walk full incline on my treadmill at home.

I have been using a Stryd Power meter now for just under a year. Recently Stryd released an auto calculator for critical power (FTP) that is 1% more accurate than completing a critical power test.

From Wednesday 28th August I started running again. At this stage, all my runs need to be in a controlled environment like a treadmill.

So how much rFTP decrease will occur when you can’t run for the best part of a month? 

  • On 2nd August my rFTP was 309 watts (3.9 watts per kg)
  • On  28th August my rFTP was 275 watts (3.4 watts per kg)
  • A total loss of 34 watts (0.5 watts per kg) – also my run CTL decreased by 10

It is worth noting that on 16th May, my rFTP was 319 (4.07 watts per kg) but from shortly after that test, I had been doing MAF training so my rFTP was slowly declining.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for my rFTP to get back to where it was before I got injured and also before I started MAF training.


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