Running & Cycling

I am playing catch up on the blog for the past two weeks.


Cycle Challenge

I completed the cycle challenge where I rode ever day through winter.  Some stats from the challenge.

  • 92 rides in 92 days
  • Rode 3,059 km
  • 22 rides on the time trial bike
  • 64 rides on the road bike
  • 1 ride on the mountain bike
  • 5 rides on the gym spin bike
  • Had to have two days off the bike when I rolled my ankle, there were a couple of days I did double bike days.

During the challenge, I broke a number of personal best power watts (3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 10sec, 2min, 3min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 30min, 40min and 60min)

I really wanted to do another FTP test when the challenge had ended but my SRM power meter battery went flat and I need to send it away to have a battery replacement and to be calibrated.  While I have another power meter on the other bike, I only like to test on the same equipment in the same conditions so this will need to wait.

The biggest thing I have noticed from the cycle challenge is I am no longer in sync with my power meter. I can think I am riding easy but when I look at my power, I am riding at my Ironman race power.  Before I could guess my watts and be within 10 watts but now I can be off by 50 watts or more.



I started running again on  28th August, I have to be careful when, where and how I run as my ankle is still not right.  For instant I can run on the treadmill with no concerns but when I run out side, I need the roads or footpath to be flat or lean down so my foot pronates. I can’t let it supination at all or I can receive pain in the ankle. If you were to see me run, you would be scratching your head thinking I am semi retarded as I go from the footpath, down on the road, back on the footpath, across to the other side of the road, back to the other side of the road, onto the footpath, etc, etc, etc as I try and run with the slopes of the ground.

I am still unable to kick in swimming so all my swims are still with a pool buoy.  I did however yesterday make the decision not to run for another two weeks to let my ankle heal.  Since running again, my ankle has shown no signs of improving where as when I wasn’t running for that month, it was improving each day.  It isn’t getting worse, it just isn’t getting better.



Gym Infrastructure 

I saw online someone up the road was selling sets of dumbbells that a person with strong legs and no upper body strength like myself may need like 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg and 20kg.  Not willing to let a bargain pass me by, I jumped on them fast so now my gym is getting a little better and I continue to get a little stronger.


This is Jack on my TT bike riding Zwift.  This marked 100 rides in 100 days for him 


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