Sweet Week For Pain

Not running this week and next week has made me change things right around and change focus in the middle of the training block.  I am now calling it a “Sweet Week” as I focus on the bike with a lot of Sweet Spot Training (SST).  I am working off a six day cycle that looks like:

  • Day One: Main Set 2x 20min @95% of FTP (if I am not working then this becomes 3x 20min).
  • Day Two: Main Set 2x 40min @90% of FTP with cadence of 60 RPM (If I am not working then this becomes 3x 40min).
  • Day Three. moderate ride that is between 1-3 hours depending on my avlable training hours.
  • Day Four: Same as day one but add 5 extra watts.
  • Day Five: Same as day two but add 5 extra watts
  • Day Six: 1hr easy spin or rest


My swim sessions will not change however my gym sessions will take a step back and go on a maintenance program.


Reinventing the wheel? 

The current traditional power zones of Recovery, Endurance, Tempo, Threshold, VO2 & Anaerobic have never made much sense to me.  There are just too big of a gap within each zone.  This is why I have never given out zones in athlete’s programs.  I will give a percentage of their FTP to hold but never a zone. For example. there is a window of 42 watts for my VO2 zone.

I sat down this week and have spent an incredible amount of time developing my own zone chart that consists of ten zones, what fuel does each zone need and what I would expect from each zone.

From this zone chart I hope to develop for the athletes I coach and myself

  1. Better power control
  2. Better cadence control
  3. Better nutrition guidelines
  4. Create better self awareness
  5. Better understanding of a ride from the point of view of “Time in zones” (the current time in zones chart is a croc of shit)

Time in zone

Look at this ride I did Friday, 49.9% if the ride stuck in the new zone zone six….. sexy

Friday I changed my zone chart within Final Surge and Today’s Plan to start testing these new zones.  At this stage so good, I haven’t made any changes to the zones yet but it is still early days.  Yesterday I asked for volunteers from athletes I coach would they like to test these zones out so I can get a better picture from other athletes at different levels.

This is all part of the redevelopment of Train Smooth that I am currently working on so I can really help athletes with training correctly, recover better and eat healthier.



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