End of training block Five

Big bowl of watts please!

As mentioned last week, I have been focusing of threshold training last week and this week on the bike seeing as I am currently not running.  While I am walking around in a constant state of fatigue, my legs during these rides are happy as a pig in shit. Its just an hour or two after the session they remind me they would rather have a beach holiday.

With the gains I made during the cycling challenge and now doing four thresholds sessions per week, I really do feel like my bike has taken a step or two forward and I am doing things on the bike I have never been able to do before.



My ankle is still not right.  I am still not running nor can I kick during swimming. I did have a good breakthrough with my rehab this week.  I have been doing everything right and my ankle hasn’t been showing any signs of improvements until I thought that my fibula may have moved very slightly out of position and being an unqualified doctor, I decided to move the bone back into place. At first I tried to talking my wife into doing this for me, as I showed her what to do but she wasn’t able to put enough force into the fibula so for a few days in a row, I was pushing my fibula up and back and I would get instant relief from it and come Friday, I think I was able to get it back into place and my ankle has started showing signs of getting better.

Sunday I was painting and I rolled my ankle over a shoe and I got zero pain, a few days prior I would of hit the roof.  I will have another week off running and reassess.  I know I need to be right for a 10km run race in four weeks as I am pacing my son during this race.


New Power Zones

I mentioned that I have developed a new zone list for cycling with power that has ten different zones.  While I have spent a crazy number of hours developing the zone list, I have spent even more time monitoring and assessing it. at this stage, I think this new zone list is the best thing since slice bread.



I have now completed five full training blocks and have only twenty one remaining.  Here is a glance of the last five training blocks.

Training Block Summary


This is my peak power chart,  in the past week I got a new peak power for 40min & 60min.  I think I have broken these two or three times in the past two weeks.

Peak Power


This is my Load Chart for the past six months.

Load Chart


Good shit to come!


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