Rehab and progress

Since I rolled my ankle bad in late August, it feels very unstable compared to my other ankle.  This is common for people who sprain or fracture their ankle.  Unless correctly rehabilitated, it can lead to chronic ankle instability and chronic pain.

I have been massaging, ice/heat therapy, compression and venous drainage.  Four weeks ago I started strength work on the ankle.  A lot of balancing at first and this has progressed to balancing on a balance board.  I am not comfortable to start balancing on four inch pipes yet but maybe in a month or so.

Two weeks ago, I started incline treadmill walking and twice a week I am doing 3x 10 second walking on tippy toes with 10kg dumbbells in each hand.  My ankle feels much stronger and more stable but there is a lot of work left to do. It feels ready to start running but I am deploying patience and will slowly keep working on getting back to full health. While I am still hopeful I will be right for a half Ironman in February, I’m not willing to register for the race just yet.


In Other News



My son and I did the Sally’s Ride last weekend.  We did the 45km event and made the newspaper.  The weather was shithouse! Strong winds and a few times it bucketed down with rain.



This is what I look like at 3:45am lifting weights. Not that good looking I must admit…..

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