2019 Review and looking at 2020

Looking back through 2019, there has been some great progress and some crappy setbacks.  While I haven’t been able to run for around a third of the year, I still look at 2019 as a successful transition year.


Some basic numbers 

  • Swim: 157 sessions with a total of 336.6km
  • Bike: 260 sessions with a total of 10,129.2km
  • Run: 129 sessions with a total of 1098.3km
  • Strength: 169 sessions
  • Total core training time (Swim, bike, run & strength): 632:28 hours
  • Total extras training time (mobility, oxygen deprivation, foam roller, meditation): 110:35hrs

I am actually happy with most of these numbers above as the start of the year was simply a horrible start with chickenpox, moving house and whopping cough.  There were three weeks with zero training throughout the year.

Looking back at my training log, from 2016 to compare to now, showed

  • Swim: I completed 2 more swim sessions than my record in 2017 however 2018 I completed 8km more.
  • Bike: I completed 75 more rides than in 2017 and 1028.2km more than in 2017.
  • Run: worse ever year.  I would have to go back in my written diaries to see a lower number.  By guess, worst year since 2010.
  • Strength: This took me by surprise as 2017 I had completed 21 extra strength sessions than 2019.


2020 Goals 

I have set some basic goals that I would like to achieve as a minimum:

  • Swim: 400km
  • Bike: 10,000km
  • Run: 2,000km
  • Strength: 200 sessions
  • Core Training Time: 800 hours

While these numbers really represent very little, my program each week, each training block, each race, is based around CTL, T-Score, ATL, TSB numbers.  I have more or less moved my dat to day training log to Today’s Plan now so I can take more of a analytical approach to my training.

Coles Bay Half – February 2020

  • Bike CTL: 70
  • Run CTL: 20
  • Total CTL: 90 (can see this is a training race)


Ironman 70.3 Cairns – June 2020

  • Bike CTL: 84
  • Run CTL: 52
  • Total CTL: 136


Coming back from a running injury 

Back in August I rolled my ankle pretty bad.  From mid November I started incline treadmill walking and from mid December I slowly started running.  When I mean slowly started running I mean my first run was 40min incline treadmill walk with 4x 30sec run with 5min of walking between.  By December I found out I now have Plantar Fasciitis.

I have been really good with rehab and currently I am running 40 minutes with 1min walk every 4min of running.  Yes there is pain but I am managing this and hope it will be in my past within the next month or so.  I am working on this issue 4-5 times a day.

I aim to do Coles Bay Half in February.  This will be simply a training race as I will still be slowly building back my run.  This season I will be targeting Ironman 70.3 Cairns in June however EVERYTHING I have done and I am doing is completely targeted towards Ironman Australia in 2021.


Ironman Australia 2021

When I stated this project it was 104 weeks with 26 training blocks.  while the focus on most of these blocks had changed from when I first set everything out, I am still very focused and I am currently about to complete training block nine.

While I am a little behind on the swim than I thought I would have been at this time, I am in front on the bike.

More information on the coming year in the next few weeks.


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