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“I will be holding a three month cycling challenge that is open to everyone.  From the 1st December through to 29th February we will cycle everyday”

  • 91 rides in 91 days
  • I will give you a new ride everyday for the three months

Welcome to the second Train Smooth Cycle Challenge.  The first cycle challenge was so successful from a performance point of view, we will look at holding a new challenge starting 1st December.

Some basic information

  • We ride everyday and even if time is killing us, we still must do a minimum of 20min.
  • Weekday sessions will be around 1 hour per session with additional information to increase volume if desired.
  • The are optional strength sessions in the gyms that are designed to help cycle performance.
  • All sessions will be uploaded to a Final Surge account and you can link your Garmin/device, access your training via the Final Surge app.  You will be able to leave feedback, ask questions on the sessions and I will be able to check and reply back to you.
  • Sessions will also have information if you want to train to a power meter or ride to perceived exertion.
  • The challenge will be designed to help athletes from all around the world.
  • Be part of our private Facebook group so we can all share photos, experiences, support each other and have some fun.

This challenge will cost only $20 (Australian dollars)


Junior Athletes 

I have created a challenge for junior athletes are are for under 14 years old.  This is $10 and runs for the same amount of time.  Please email me for more information


Join Now: 

Once you join, I will send you an email and start getting everything set up.

Challenge is $20