Key Sessions

Well before I started my coaching business in 2014, I would keep a journal and I would write training sessions that I would find interesting. These sessions would come from my coach at the time, books, magazines, podcasts, interviews, friends, and those I would think of myself. If it was a swim, bike, run session I would write it in my journal.

Even when I started my coaching business and would start using an online coaching platform to create programs for athletes and have an online training library with all my sessions saved in one easy to access spot, I still keep a written journal with the exceptions being now I have four journals. One for each – swim, bike, run and strength & conditioning.

I must have thousands of sessions written in these journals and a crazy number of sessions saved in my online training library that I use for athletes I coach. No matter how many sessions I have, there is still a small list of my “GO TO” sessions that I seem to use more often than not.

Recently I had an athlete I have been coaching for the past few years decided to start his own coaching business. He asked could he have access to my online training session library. The answer was “absolutely”. Of course I want him to succeed in his new coaching business and if I can help in any way, I will jump at that opportunity.

This got me thinking that there are other people in the same situation and athletes who are looking for good key sessions to do with their build towards their goals, so the idea of creating a book with some of my “GO TO” sessions was easy.

I hope you enjoy these 101 sessions that a lot of my athletes find in their weekly programs often and I have had much success from using these.

In this book, you will find

• 32 swim sessions
• 28 bike sessions
• 29 run sessions
• 12 strength & conditioning sessions
• How to create your own training program