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Rebranding Train Smooth

When I first started Train Smooth in 2015, the goal was to create a brand that I wish was around in the first few years of getting into triathlons. Over the past year or so, I have slowly gotten away from this mission however, I want to start working towards getting back to developing something that helps triathletes in their early stages of development.

As I work towards rebranding Train Smooth, this is what you can expect in the coming weeks:

  1.  I want to provide a coaching service to triathletes who would love a coach but it was never in their budget (Affordability must be key).  
  2. Build out the resources page to the basics a triathlete needs to know (cut the crap & focus on the meat and potatoes).
  3. Start building a video library to help triathletes with technique, drills, skills and real tips.
  4. Constantly help triathletes for free via the podcast.




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