We are making an order of Train Smooth cycling kits and Train Smooth Tri Suits. – Orders must be in by Friday 4th December

Pro Level Cycling Kit

  • Pro level jersey and BIB shorts
    Price is $130 + postage (Australian Dollars)

Pro Level Tri Speed Suit

  • Tri Suit Pro Level
    Price is $160 + postage (Australian Dollars)

Please Note:

  • I need all orders in by Friday 4th December.
  • Email me your order, size, address and I will email you a PayPal invoice.
  • I am informed that the order will take around two weeks to complete however postage in Australia at the moment isn’t good so to cover myself, please allow me a month. I will email you directly when I get the order back and I will post right away.
  • Please email me with any questions or requests. You are allowed to order extra bib shorts, etc so please let me know and I can give you a price.

Size Chart for the Tri Speed Suit

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