Post Training Nutrition

Post workout meals are very important whether you train for an hour or six hours, you will need to put back what you took out to maximize your recovery.After training, you have a small window of 20-30 minutes to get something into your system.

My coach Allan Pitman highly recommends Endura Optimizer and I do use it a lot myself but find it is out of my budget as I would go through a container every couple of weeks.

There are a few things I do use that give me rapid recovery from training loads Please note that this is what I do and always, with anything nutrition, it is controversial so you will need to find what works for you.

Please be smart with your nutrition. If you only completed a small training session then you will not need a lot.  The smoothie is for big training loads where you have depleted your body of a lot and need to put back in a short time.

Also note that all I am discussing here is the first step after training.  There are many steps to a triathlete’s nutrition path and I will touch on them later but for now I will keep it just as post training in the first 20-30 minute window after training.

Endura Optimizer

As I get closer to a race, I will mostly use Endura Optimizer after my long or hard training sessions.

–  500ml of water and six scoops of Endura Optimizer will put me on the right road to recovery every time. for smaller session 2-3 scoops will get you across the line.

Homemade Smoothie

I tend to use this more often than not as I always have everything in the house, it is cheap, easy and taste great.

I will put into a mixer 2 small or 1 large frozen banana, fill with juice to 500ml, add a pinch of salt, a scoop of protein powder and mix.

It sounds shocking but is it surprisingly nice. I find even after that hardest training loads I put my body through, this gives me a bang for my buck.

Small Training Sessions

Any small training session I do, I will have a glass of Milo and milk. Simple, easy and does the trick.

More to note:

After big training sessions, I will also have another meal one hour after training has concluded but I will touch on that next time.

Tim Egge


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