Maximilian Schwetz Load Week

Maximian Schwetz is a retired German pro triathlete that focus was being one of the worlds best Olympic distance triathletes. Below Maximian’s load week.

Load Week

Monday: Swim 5km + Gym 1hr

Tuesday: Swim 5.4km + Bike 90min + Run 1hr (9x 1km hard efforts)

Wednesday: Bike 3hrs (10x 6min) + Brick run 40min + swim 5km

Thursday: Bike 4hrs aerobic with low carbs + 1:10 easy run

Friday: Swim 4.6km + Gym 1hr

Saturday: Swim 4km + Bike 90min + Run 1hrs

Sunday: Run 90min + Bike 3hrs (7x 8min)

Weekly Summary

Total training hours: 30:24 hrs

Total TSS: 1424

Swim distance: 24400m

Bike duration: 13:22hr

Run duration: 5:37hr (75km)

Strength duration: 3:55 (this also included pre swim/bike/run activations)

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